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Birthdate:May 15
Hello, my name is Clint, and I'm made of ships, coffee, and rage. I prefer gender neutral pronouns (they/them/theirs) but won't get upset if you use male or female ones. I'm sick and whatever. I write things and stuff, and I like lots of things. See my tumblr for more info.

I'm very big on shipping equality. I hate elitism.

Interests (142):

666 park avenue, allydia, american horror story, animals, arrow, arrowfrost, arthur/eames, avatar the last airbender, avengers, billy/teddy, billy/tommy, black widow, broh, bruceclint, cabin pressure, captain america, cats, cherik, clint/loki/thor, coffee, dashiepie, data/wesley, deadpool, destination truth, diablo ii, diablo iii, dick/wally, doctor who, doctor/master, dresden files, earth's mightiest heroes, ex-heroes, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, firefly, flutterdash, flutterpie, friendship is magic, fright night, frosthawk, ghost hunters, ghost hunters international, gravity falls, harry potter, harry/marcone, harry/molly, harry/thomas, have i put down enough interests yet, hawkeye, haymiss, haymitch/katniss, hayniss, hedgehogs, hedgies, heroes, holmescest, house md, inception, incest, iron man, janto, johnlock, jydia, korrasami, legend of korra, life on mars, logurt, lord of the rings, makolin, mark/eduardo, marthur, marvel, marvey, maximoff twincest, maximoffcest, merlin, merthur, migulio, minecraft, mlp:fim, multishipping, my little pony, my little pony friendship is magic, mylar, nanowrimo, noalok, petrellicest, pets, phantom of the opera, pietro/wanda, pinecest, pinescest, pirates of the caribbean, polyamory, queencest, rage, reading, road to el dorado, rpf, rps, scisaac, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shipping, ships, skyrim, sparrabeth, spider-man, spiderman, spideypool, spirk, star trek, star trek the next generation, star wars, sterek, stony, studio ghibli, suits, sweeney todd, tahorra, tangled, teen wolf, the hunger games, the night circus, the princess bride, the social network, thor, thorki, tng, tokka, torchwood, ultimate spider-man, war horse, watchmen, writing, x-men, x-men evolution, x-men first class, young avengers, young justice, zukaang
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